Mon Soleil

For Aurora

Mon Soleil,

The horizon spills onto the Earth in golden tints amid cloudless skies and lifts me from my sleep. Everything is radiant. Fresh breezes whisper sweetly and dewdrops dance on silver threads.

It is you. Aurora. The dawn. My life began anew when you were born.

There will never be another to awaken my soul so completely. If only you could know what you have given me, a beauteous aria that rejoices each morning.

New days. The brightest light.

Thank you, my love.

Je t'aime.

Mes Étoiles

For Natalia

Mes Étoiles,

My brave and beautiful girl, explorer and adventurer, artist. Dreamer. Giver.

Every time I feel your warmth, it brings me to my knees. In loving you, my heart is filled with indebtedness. To God. To the Heavens. I am complete.

I borrow your courage and suddenly life has wings. How could it be that someone can lift my so high?

And in the sky, the joy you bring is is scattered in thousands of stars spun across the midnight. I only have to find one to know life all over again.

Je t'aime.

Ma Lune

For Charlie

Ma Lune,

My little love. You are the moon, who stills the tide with the caress of sacred beams and pulls the waves to crash on quiet shores. How bold and fearless she ascends.

You have vivified my world with unimaginable zeal, flashing a million hues in one step. And as I watch you move, I learn what it means to be free, alive, unbound.

Where would the sea be if it could not glimmer while the Earth sleeps? Let us dance while the universe is silent.

Bless you my sweet baby, so that as you call the coast, you also know the peacefulness that exists in the bluest waters. And may God give me a song to sing that lulls you to blissful mornings.

J t'aime.



The sky smiled, the moon beamed, and the sun kissed her face. Then life whispered "No force on Earth will ever steal your light." And so it was, like a rose, she opened her heart and shared a beauteous joy with the world. Happy Birthday my beloved.