Muy Bueno

Growing up, there was nothing ... and I mean nothing ... like the food that came from the kitchens of my Grandma and my Big Grandma (what I called my great grandmother). They could take an almost empty cupboard and turn it into a feast. There is something about a grandmother's meal that warms your core, ties the fabric of a family like a Boy Scout knot. It was this way in my family. Every Sunday after church, we would meet at Big Grandma's and we would eat. And we would laugh. And we would leave with our souls filled. My great aunt Vangie and her two daughters, Yvette and Veronica, are preserving Big Grandma's recipes in a book to be published next fall. Muy Bueno Cookbook  is a labor of love and I couldn't be more thrilled at the thought that the family recipes that came from the incredible matriarch that is Jesusita will live on ... and knot families ... forever.

This past October, the ladies of Muy Bueno hosted a tamalada. Being able to capture it was almost as good as digging in to the masa with my own hands. Yvette reminds me a lot of myself in the way that we carry with us an unyielding devotion to our grandmothers (we both grew up with them) and we totally wear that on our sleeve. Vangie has always been an amazing chef, so it was a treat to get the live demo and to see my Grandma interact with her sisters and nieces. (For the full post and more pictures, see the Muy Bueno Cookbook post Tamalada ~ Con Mucho Amor.)



The book does not come out until next year, but you do not want to miss the many AMAZING Mexican recipes on the Muy Bueno blog. My mom made the Ponche Navideño over the weekend, and it was a delicious pot of fun ; )

Wishing you a holiday season filled with family and your Grandma's best recipes.