She was my first. And for five years she had my complete, whole and undivided attention and every ounce of my heart. For your first, you race for tiny cries, dream longingly during every minute apart of the next time you're together. And I did. I watched her sleep and selfishly picked her up even if she was, just so I could have her in my arms. This month she is 11. I can't believe how the time has escaped my relentless pleas to ... Just. Stand. Still. I remember the tiny little person that was glued to my hip and could hide easily in one small crook of my arm. I named her after the dawn because I knew that she would be my sunshine, the light after the dark, the promise of every new day. She is that and more. She is amazing in so many ways, talented and creative and completely beautiful. She made me a mother. She gave me new life. And I thank God for choosing me. The joy of my world is in Aurora.